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Summary to the article "SCIENTIST, INVESTOR - it is for you to decide"

A new segment, niche in the energy sector has been offered, its importance is difficult to estimate: based on the long-known physical phenomenon Brownian motion random fluctuations and (or) movements of microscopic particles suspended in a liquid or gas.

No, I dont suggest in any way to use the kinetic energy of each particle separately.

But I suggest to place more or less than a dozen of Brownian particles on a plane. Particles will have only four degrees of freedom for vibration and relocation. They can vibrate only in three directions - back and right-left, but they can only move in one direction forward. And this is a general movement in one direction of a dozen of particles to convert into electricity. How to implement it is another matter ... inventive and technical.

The fundamental laws of physics do not impose a ban on this method of converting internal energy into electricity, and the level of technique and technology makes possible to do it.

For details, read the article - SCIENTIST, INVESTOR - IT IS FOR YOU TO DECIDE

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