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  1. Background information.
  2. Known and applied in technique.
  3. My offering principles of creation of a new source of electric energy.
  4. How to technically realize my offering (Brownian generator).
  5. Application domain of my development.
  6. Evaluative (approximate) power characteristics of the proposed Brownian generator.

Life and human progress are directly connected with scientific and technical progress, and thus with a fast growing energy consumption. New materials, devices and technologies are being invented, new sources of energy - affordable, safe and environmentally friendly - are being searched for. But a thought, an idea, observation, human curiosity comes first preceding all that was ever invented and created by the human race.

I would like to suggest an idea, outlines, principles of a new way in the  power industry, a way, which, in my opinion, is not only capable of  delivering many milliards of profit, but to  render independent energy-wise virtually every country of the world. However, it is not for me to judge about advantages and/or drawbacks of my offer this material can be easily read by anyone, from a student to an expert, and any who wants can express his/her opinion   or suggestion.

For that particular reason I publish it with detailed technical description to give an impulse to researches in this direction. And I hope these researches will start in Ukraine. Although I will not be surprised if such researches will start and pilot models will appear not in Ukraine, but somewhere in Japan, Israel, Europe or  USA.

The material set out below may be difficult to understand for a non-specialist.


As is known any thermal engines operates on the difference of temperatures. It is not possible to use a heater without a cooling device. The second law of thermodynamics interdicts such use, but only in the macroworld, in the microworld there is one exception from this rule. Actually, the device suggest by me is a perpetual motion machine of the second kind. Perhaps, reading this you a thought that it is impossible flashed across your mind. But dont rush in your conclusions.

The suggested way of creating brand-new power generators has no fundamental limitations, although, treading this way one can face serious technical and technological difficulties.

New researches in this direction are needed, new ideas, then the "impossible" will turn to reality.


In physics there is such phenomenon as Brownian motion - a chaotic motion of microparticles in a liquid or gas. And this motion is completely chaotic one, but laws of physics do not hinder from making these particles move all in the same direction, instead of moving chaotically. This is a matter of technique.

So, having brought in order a certain number of particles in a liquid or gas we will be able to transform energy of the ordered motion to electric power.

But how to do that?


Here below I give my suggestion, but at first I want to turn your attention to several key principles, which, to my thinking, a future Brownian generator will be based on, and which will remain unchanged in the process of development and improvement of the generator.

  1. Nanoparticles  (1nm (nanometer) = 0.000000001 m (meter) shall be located and press with a certain  effort to a smooth and even surface, and size of nanoparticles can be from few hundred nanometers to few nanometers  (the less is the size of particles, the more energy can be derived from one unit of volume). The roughness level (level of surface irregularities) shall be at least ten times less than the size of particles.
  2. Particles shall be of a definite form and structure. On the form of particles depends their directed motion and amount of the energy being generated (I will write more about form of particles below).
  3. Nanoparticles   shall be pressed and at the same time arranged  on the surface  in    zigzag order by means of  an  electric or  magnetic field, which lines are  perpendicular to the surface or at an angle (see Fig. 3)
  4. Energy of directed motion of particles transforms to electric power by means of an electric field. Lets recollect the school programs physics course. Between two charged plates that form a condenser there shall be a plate of the insulator or conductor. Moving the plate out of the condenser we make a certain effort, and, respectively, we spend some energy and this energy shall increase tension between plates of the condenser.

Now, the most important question. How we can make chaotically moving particles move in one and same direction? Here, to my mind, the most important is the geometric shape of particles, effort made to press them to the surface, and the angle in regard to the surface. These four constituents will play the key role in organizing directed motion of Brownian particles.

Lets consider the shape of particles in more detail. See Fig. 1. A particle that is situated on the surface  sustains uncompensated impulses in directions  , B, C, D. Motion in directions B,C, and D shall be reduced as close to zero as possible, especially in B and D directions. Geometric shape of particles can be conic or triangular, but to my mind the most acceptable form is a semi-ring one (See Fig. 2). The section (diameter) of the material of a semi-ring shall be 1-2- nm (probably, even a tenth of nm), and radius of the semi-ring itself shall be several nm. The tilting about the vertical axis (See Fig. 3) shall be 15-30 grades. Thus,  with impulses in directions of B and D particles deviation will close to zero, with impulses in C direction particles will  swing as pendulums, and only with impulses in  direction a certain deviation of particles will occur. This will be directed motion of nanoparticles at the expense of decrease of the temperature of gas filling free space between particles, which, in its turn, results in cooling down of the generator.

Changing the tilting  of lines of the electric field  about the vertical axis we will be able to change the direction of particles motion ( from towards and back).

I'll you have read now contains only principles, on which a Brownian generator can be created.

Calculations and experiments are pending. Material for particles and films, on which they will move, shall be selected, as well as shape of particles, angle of inclination, density of the electric field, density of particles on the surface and many other parameters.


Besides, changing density of the electric field that keeps particles in the inclined position we will be able to obtain maximum energy at the generator operating in a wide range of temperatures. With temperature increasing density of the field shall increase, too, with temperature going down density of the field shall be lessened.


And in the end I am going to mention some figure regarding the capacity of such generator. I dont give here the method of calculations as these results were obtained indirectly and it may seem funny for specialists.
Power of the generator depends on the diameter of nanoparticles;

With the diameter of a particle  100 nm   -  -  -  from 0.2 to 0.4 W

With the diameter of a particle  10 nm  -  -  -  - from 10 to  30 W

With the diameter of a particle  of few nm   -  from tens of W to some kW (depending on the number of layers).

These calculations are true for a device with 1 dm3 of capacity running at the temperature of approx 20˚C.


Such Brownian generator requires neither heater, nor cooling device as it will be capable of transforming internal thermal energy of the environment directly to electric power.

Its service life will be numerous years, maybe even decades, it is 100% safe and environment friendly, it doesnt require maintenance.

Producing such a device would herald a new era in the power industry and huge progress in nano-technologies. The  Brownian generator would not only make possible virtually  100% use of energy of oil, gas, coal, and even internal energy of seas, oceans and  the interior of the Earth.

I believe that right now, with the current level of nano-technologies, such generator can be made. I think that it is very important that pressmen disseminate this material through their informational channels for it becomes known to as much people as possible.

I am convinced that researches in this direction will be successful, and if  development of this device will start right now, just after 1-3 years  a pilot model, even if a small, not bigger than a button, can appear,  still it will be e new beginning in the power industry. I would like to underline that there are no fundamental or/and technical limits on designing such generator. Their first word shall say specialists, then investors. Though, this is just my point of view, as wise men of old times said, Who will live will see.

The author of the idea and advertising materials, advertiser:

Vladimir Vasilyevich Oleynik
cell phone +38 067 953 46 94

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