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Medicine from the Future

New horizons in medicine?

Medicine from the FutureA man throughout his life lives in a vast ocean of living microorganisms. Some of them are useful, others vice versa can cause various diseases. These are viruses, bacteria, as well as native human cells transformed into the cells of a self-killer, causing one of the serious illnesses, whose name is cancer. And despite the best efforts of scientists and scientific and technological progress viral, bacterial diseases and cancer have not been defeated. They firmly hold their position in the ratings of disability and death.

And now I want to offer a new segment, a new direction in medicine, the one that doesnt have any analogues.

This method of treatment, or to be more precise, the creation of certain physical conditions brings a cell (I emphasize only a given cell) either healthy or cancerous, a bacterium or virus to the death. This method is highly selective, highly adjusted to a certain living cell either sick or healthy, a bacterium or virus.

Either sick or healthy it is not a mistake.

Applying this method you can kill malicious cells, bacteria and viruses. BUT, this method can lead to the death of healthy cells, such as stem or nerve, with all the consequences that come with it... This method is of dual purpose, but unfortunately, the higher the technology is, the greater the chance is that they can be used for dual purpose. Let us recall at least bionanotechnology.

Now Ill focus on the very method.

I just want to explain right away that there is only an idea, outlines of the method, the direction to follow (as in the example of "the Brownian motion generator"). We need necessary studies and experiments. Will they be successful, the question is unfortunately open.

But if the research leads to success, it will be, I dare say, a revolutionary breakthrough in medicine!

And now lets look briefly at the method.

When certain, artificially created and given physical parameters match, a cell, being in range of their action for a certain period of time, dies. It is like if, say, a few curves intersected at one point. So the intersection is an area of space where only a living cell of a certain type and given critical time dies. All other types of cells are left unharmed.

What kind of physical parameters are they, what is their intensity and how many are they? I can only say that there are a few of such parameters.

It is quite possible that in nature we can also observe the coincidence of such physical parameters that lead to the destruction of living organisms.

We observe the exposure and death of certain cells, which subsequently cause the death of the whole organism for quite other reasons.

The offered direction will not just be a new segment in medicine. Investigations and their results will be a remedy, a shield against viruses, bacteria and cancer.

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