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About me

A few words about myself

At the very beginning I wish to note: the materials are published as they become prepared. The posted articles are possible to be corrected and revised to the extent of their comprehension. As one thinker said To err is human and if great physicists make mistakes what can be said about me ...

I think the information contained on this site, can say instead of me, I can only add that I don't have any formal education either higher or secondary technical,   at school I was a mediocre pupil, to be precise I am self-taught.

I dont speak English.

But I have been interested in physics, astronomy, medicine, biology, and many, many other disciplines (but not all) since childhood.

And another thing, there is one comparison an axiom (for me) as in the mortar mix there are two components that are inextricably connected they are water and cement, cement and water. And only interacting with each other, they form a monolith, which is used in erection of buildings and constructions.

The same thing happens in science: ideas, hypotheses, theories they are like water in a solution, but an experiment is like cement. And only the ideas and theories, confirmed experimentally, form a monolith, which is used in construction of science building.

To the best of my knowledge and my subjectivity I am still trying to be objective. Some material are taken from different information sources, some could be my suppositions and assumptions according to the international standards of authorship and priority.

Especially I would like to mention that in our highly-informed world it is very difficult to separate really scientific (though the question is: what is the difference between scientific and unscientific?) theories and experimentally confirmed data from the theories and facts shown by experiments that may be just only guesses and assumptions.

See the section my perpetual motion machines

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