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Information about cooperation

Please consider my site as a business card as an invitation to negotiate and cooperate

I am ready to conduct applied research in those areas that have already been published, and in particular on the Brownian oscillator. Although there are a lot of other issues and clues that ARE NOT PUBLISHED.

But first of all I would like to mention one thing I've come across after publishing the article Scientist, investor it is for you to decide.

I will repeat a well-known fact: research and experimentation are not just a fitting of a structure of the finished parts. And it is not even the manufacturing of the same parts, when there is a ready-made equipment for their production, and it all depends on the ability and skill of a man. Research (both applied and fundamental) is not a spill of vodka in a garage or a basement. Please forgive me for my comparison, but I have the impression that that some think exactly this way.

Conducting research is a way off the road when you make a road yourself when passing a certain way, you can run into insurmountable difficulties, and you may need to change direction or move in several directions at the same time.

For conducting research you must have an analytical and creative thinking to analyze information that is already available and the results of your search. The ability to choose the right direction in conducting research.

And I think we need to have an equal orientation both in theory and in practice you can check yourself in practice the results of your creative search, and then you can better see your own mistakes. However, all that I have listed above is well known truth.

And do not forget such a definition as purity of an experiment.

A number of standard conditions are given below

  • Materials are published as they are at the level of ideas, unless otherwise indicated.
  • I do not have financial, material and technical resources to carry out research and experiments, except those (experiments) that have already been published (or are being prepared and may be published later). There are only creative resources, the level of which you can judge yourself taking into consideration posted publications, based on your own or third-party expert assessments. I just have a desire to explore, create, and if possible to implement in final products the results of my research.
  • Interested parties themselves:
    • Carry out technical, patent and other assessment and analysis of posted materials.
    • (Or) make a request to external experts on a proper technical evaluation.
  • On the basis of the paragraph 2, an interested person takes a decision on the negotiations and possible cooperation.
  • The questions that may appear you can send to the contact addresses (preferably in writing). I will be happy to answer your questions.

Information for mediators

Based on the above and taking into account the paragraphs 1-5, and provided the ultimate positive impact of trilateral negotiations the mediator will get a fee in the amount of 15-25% or by agreement of the parties.

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