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Main - the website of Vladimir Vassilievich Oleynik, new technologies, ideas, reflections

All sciences are vain and full of errors that are
not born of Experience, the mother of all Knowledge.

Leonardo da Vinci.


As a non-stop moving the Earth and everything in the universe
So a mans thought never stops,
BUT ...
Man is a baby crawling in the endless mazes of the
Mysteries of the Universe.

Vladimir Oleynik


Only a few information resources (Russian).
(My preferences).

http://www.google.com Google search the web, translate documents and webpages and more.
http://www.iolo.com/products/system-mechanic-professional/ System Mechanic  Professional iolo technologies - The PC Tune-Up Experts  (ENG)
http://www.gdata-software.com G Data. Security Made in Germany. | G Data Software, Inc.(ENG)
http://www.paragon-software.com PARAGON Software Group - partition manager, drive backup, hard disk partitioning (ENG)
http://www.acronis.com Backup software for data backup and disaster recovery in Windows and Linux Acronis (ENG)
http://www.bible.com.ua Bible. Answers to questions.
http://elementy.ru Elements Popular site on fundamental science. Science News. Conference Calendar.
http://www.astronet.ru Russian Astronomical Network
http://www.astronet.ru/db/msg/1237624 Astronet > Planet Astronet - prototype of a single web feed AstroRunet
http://www.membrana.ru MEMBRANA People. Ideas. Technology.
http://femto.com.ua Physics encyclopedia. Index file
http://bse.sci-lib.com Great Soviet Encyclopedia, GSE
http://ru.wikipedia.org Wikipedia Main Page
http://www.ph4.ru Internet Navigator Overview of the Internet in a simple presentation plus resources

Kiev, Quay, November 2009

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