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Vacuum pumps and more

Vacuum pumps and more

I want to suggest the possibility of creating a series of devices based on a single physical phenomenon (possibility of principle experimentally tested and patented).

Devices from electric motors to electric pumps that are capable, in principle, of pumping almost any liquid and gas. But because of technical difficulties in creating, electric motors and pumps based on the proposed principle are unlikely to be widely-used.

But for example, when talking about special equipment, such devices may prove to be irreplaceable, and in particular when creating vacuum pumps that can pump air at pressures from atmospheric up to the deepest vacuum, that is not attainable with modern technology. And it is not just air, but almost all gases.

Today only one vacuum pump (turbomolecular), in principle, is capable of pumping out the air in the pressure range from atmospheric up to ultra-high vacuum. All other vacuum pumps operate in their "own" narrow range of pressure.

The analogues of the proposed pumps and other devices, as far as I know, do not exist.

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