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Method of protecting bank notes and other documents

Method of protecting bank notes and other documents

A brief summary was published in late 2003. I sent another summary format for publication (intentionally), with a clearer disclosure of the essence of the very method, but unfortunately it was not published, and what is published is published.

So now I give a more detailed description.

Piezocrystals are introduced in certain areas of a banknote, document or other object requiring protection against forgery.

Putting such a banknote or document in the detector, an alternating electric field of a given frequency and amplitude is created in the work area. Accordingly, the particles of piezocrystals will generate ultrasonic vibrations, the handwriting of which (ultrasonic vibrations) can indicate authenticity or forgery of a document.

Introducing various inclusions of other particles into the particles of piezocrystals, as well as additives of chemical compounds, you can create piezocrystals that will possess individual and unique handwriting.

Portable device (detector) can provide the application of this technology.


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