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INFORMATION WORLD  GETTING STARTED?Published online March 1st 2010


All material presented in this article is my standpoint and may not reflect the views of others.

Time reference of this writing is August 30th, 2009, or to be more precise August 29th after watching Michael Jackson concert (the concert was recorded) on TV Channel 1+1.

Next day, after watching the concert, being impressed by what I saw and heard, and thinking about the singer, life, mind and essence of life however, this article is about those reflections.

I will not use the words: version, hypothesis everything that you read below is called simply a set of considerations.

So, what do we know about our Universe?

And we know that (do we really know?) the Universe had a beginning. From some ultra-dense cluster of pramatter (actually energy), incredibly tiny, but possessing probably a monstrous mass and super-strong gravitational field inside the cluster, where there was no substance, no particles, there was no time. Perhaps it was a cluster, where the gravitational field (the gravitational field will be discussed in the article Dark energy in the Universe and its nature) had a special state. The state of maximum density, where there is no vector of gravitational lines, the entire field is concentrated at a point, that is an object that does not have an external gravitational field. But other objects that have their external gravitational field can interact with it.

This cluster exploded and began to expand for the reason we dont know. At some stage of expansion the particles began to emerge, having a rest mass, this is what I would like to stress here. And from that moment, I think, the vector of a gravitational field and the origin of time reference were born. Since then the passage of time has been rapidly accelerated, something like an explosive acceleration.

To my mind, a curve line of rise and ascent of a rocket to orbit with a satellite (or other cargo) on board most accurately describes the passage of time since its inception to the present day. The difference is connected with only one thing: a rocket after the ascent to orbit begins to move along a circular line around the Earth, it stops accelerating, but time continues to move at growing rate nowadays. For example, yesterday time moved a bit slower than today, tomorrow it will move a little faster than today, but the difference in the speed of time is negligible, it is impossible to be measured, it can only be calculated. But, lets say, 10 billion years ago time flew much slower than now. In 5 billion years time will fly a little faster than today.

The grounds for such conclusions are the following:

1) The stronger the gravitational field of an object is, the slower time flows on it.

2) The motion of a particle having a rest mass at a rate close to that of light time for particle is slowed down, since the mass of the particle increases (the ground is the following: short-lived particles become more long-lived). And at the speed of an object that is equal to the speed of light time on it stops.

You can still draw the conclusion that there is no rest mass there is no time (??).

But still, let's go back to the cluster of energy our Universe appeared of.

What was before it?

There's only flight of human thought, scientists assumption that the cluster of that energy (or pramatter) came from some kind of singularity. What kind of singularity is it and how did it appear? Many scientists find it difficult even to assume.

I think: our universe and that cluster of pramatter (energy, to be precise) are one of many manifestations of the information world (dont confuse with energoinformational field), which, in essence, is absolute, eternal, it exists by itself. And all the other worlds are only forms of its manifestation. Exactly so MANIFESTATIONS, but not the existence.

We know about our world (the Universe), we know nothing about other worlds, and we are unable to know because our world is held afloat with fundamental laws of physics, and they limit us. Although, one thing is certain: there are threads, channels of communication of our world and other worlds. I think in the coming decades these channels will be opened.

Information world what is it like, what is its structure and what does it look like?

We do not know it and we are unlikely to know it some day. But it is quite possible to learn something about other worlds.

What makes an assumption about the existence of the information world and other worlds as the forms of its manifestation. Judge for yourself. According to the religious strictures there is a world of spirits, angels, demons. So these are only other forms of manifestations of the same world, as if the center of all the worlds. Moreover, the degree of organization, such as the world of spirits, is closer to the center to the very nature of the information world, but our material form (the visible Universe) is away from that center. Moreover, different forms can equally exist both one in one and separately. Just like life on the Earth which exists in a set of biological forms.

A man cannot rely on infinity, all calculations are based on finite values, where there is no place for infinity. We cannot measure infinity.

But ... I think that infinity is a value where the start and the end of a value are equal. For example, the circumference of a ring is endless! Nevertheless, we can measure the circumference of a ring (!) - just choose a reference point and measure a radius (or diameter) which, unfortunately, must be finite. This is only a shaky attempt to present infinity.

So, the information world is such a substance where there is a place for infinity, and not just a place, but infinity is a key feature inherent in the information world. Although we are unlikely to understand the very nature of infinity, because we are in our final world. Thats why infinity seems to be an infinite value for us.

The man possesses a feature which is, to my mind, inherent in only a man, not a single biological species has this feature. For more information about this feature see the "Comments" to the article A man is a naked ape, published online of Komsomolskaya Pravda, the article can be read here.

If this feature is inherent in a man, then I may suggest that a man is a substance consisting of two forms: biological (our body) and some information substance that we call mind, consciousness or soul.

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