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Information for skeptics

Information for skeptics.

Answers to some questions.

1. Brownian generator contradicts the second law of thermodynamics.

2. The second law of thermodynamics is limited and does not apply to Brownian motion. In witness I give a photocopy of the page from


authors: B. M. YAVORSKY, A. A. DETLAF,




published in 1985.

And a small quote from the handbook:

3 Experiments showed that Brownian particles during their drift can move upward, as if "surfacing" in gas or liquid. This can happen if a Brownian particle receives uncompensated bottom-up momentum from gas (or liquid) molecules. At the same time the potential energy of particles increases due to the kinetic energy of the surrounding molecules, and local cooling of the gas or liquid takes place. The mechanical energy of a Brownian particle increases due to the cooling of a heat source gas or liquid, which contradicts the second law of thermodynamics ( Thus, Brownian motion proofs the limitation of the second law of thermodynamics, its statistical nature (

The above quote is not mine.

1. Is it possible, even at the present level of nanotechnology, to design and develop the commercial production of such "miraculous" generators?

2. I think so. Moreover, the surfaces themselves (on which Brownian particles will be placed) in the form of thin films and nanoparticles - have to BE GROWN CHEMICALLY. This method is technological, while the production of each particle and each film individually is not high-tech. Although the second way is fully applicable for conducting research.

1. How much energy will this generator produce? Much, little, very little or extremely little?

2. The amount of generated electricity (as discussed in the end of article "SCIENTIST, INVESTOR THE WORD FOR YOU") depends on the size of Brownian particles and the number of film layers. The smaller Brownian particles and thinner the layers of the film, the more power will be obtained from a unit volume, and this takes time and intellect. Rough estimates of generated electricity are given in the article.

Lets remember the first computers, mobile phones and other devices. They were also cumbersome and ineffective. And let's look at these devices now.

I understand that the development of such generators may start with mine, as well as without my participation. Indeed, the idea is set, the direction is indicated, the contours are outlined. And the minds do not sleep

But I disclosed the essence of the idea, outlined the key points that everyone can weigh, analyze, evaluate - to draw conclusions and make a decision not in vain.

I have concrete technical solutions (other than those described in the article) not only on the Brownian generator. In article "New horizons in medicine?" only a possible final result of other studies is indicated, if they are held. And the result it will not be just a MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH; it will be a cure for many diseases, and incurable at that. And for some diseases, perhaps it will be the only cure.

I would be glad to answer your questions.


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