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Model of Device

Model of Device for Experimental Check of Possibility to Create Perpetuum Mobile (Continuous Operating Machine)

The principle of operation is based on gravitational attraction and Archimedes force acting on floats rising to the surface in VERTICAL liquid column. Liquid in container is pressed to the container wall by centrifugal force and forms the vertical column. BUTif the liquid column were ABSOLUTELY vertical then such operating machine would operate. But at any turning number, even 1000 turns/min, even 1 million turns/min, the liquid column surface will not be STRICTLY vertical (due to centrifugal force action), SOME ANGLE will always persists, AND AVAILABILITY OF THIS ANGLE TO STRICTLY VERTICAL AXIS OF FIELD OF GRAVITY DOES NOT ALLOW THIS MACHINE TO OPERATE.

During the whole period of time of creation and manufacturing of the model, I continued to analyze and search answer to question: WILL OR WILL NOT THE ACTING MODEL OPERATE, IF NOT, WHY? And the conclusions described above were made, when the model was manufactured and ready for tests, but was not tested. The experimental tests only confirmed the truthfulness of the theoretic conclusions.

Not all construction components are shown on the photo, in particular there is no electric motor on the photo.

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